Management and Personnel:
psychology of management, socionics and sociology - journal issue 5-6/18

  • N 5‑6 (185‑186)

  • May - June

  • 2018


New Technologies

Karpenko O.B, Bukalov A.V.

Practical application of DCNH system

The authors share their experiences in the application of the DCNH system (forms of social behaviors) in practice of Socionic consulting of teams and collectives, conducted by the International Institute of Socionics.
Keywords: socionics, forms of social behavior, initial, terminal, ignority, connectivity.

Frolova M.G.

The practice of applying socionics on the path to personal harmony and well-being

An important step towards the formation of a harmonious personality is identification in TIM, recognition and acceptance of oneself with all the strengths and weaknesses. Examples from consulting practice are given.
Keywords: psychology, socionics, harmonious personality, personality type, career guidance.

Management Tools

Rudnev E.

Assessment of personnel: approaches, methods, practices

Assessment of personnel is one of the most important procedures in the hands of the organization's management. In recent years, steps have been taken in Russia to apply advanced technologies and practices. However, this is often done according to the fashion trend. With what problems can be encountered in the process of evaluation and selection of personnel and how to do it professionally. The author reveals aspects that are often overlooked by specialists and managers, simplifying procedures and thus reducing the effectiveness of evaluation and selection of personnel.
Keywords: personnel assessment, 360-degree method, non-verbal behavior, assessment center, simulation, work modeling.

Socionics Methods

Tsypin P.E.

Semi-duality and mirage intertype relationships

A detailed analysis of all pairs of semi-duality and mirage intertype relationships is given.
Keywords: socionics, intertype relationships, type of information metabolism (TIM), semi-duality relations, mirage relations.

Informational Structure of Society

Tumolska V.A.

On the integral type of the people of England

An attempt was made to verify the integral TIM of the people of England. The material for analysis was the lengthy observations of journalist V. Ovchinnikov, stated in his book "The Roots of Oak", as well as the socionic study of English humor.
Keywords: socionics, integral TIM, ITIM, diagnosis of ITM, England, English humor.

Socionic Practical Training

Zvonareva N.A., Shalyukhina S.V., Lineytseva N.E., Kovalenko R.K.

How to give gifts with the typologies of the person

The principle of choosing gifts with the help of personality typologies had been considered, as well as specific recommendations for choosing.
Keywords: socionics, psychosophy, gifts, relations, holidays, gifts.

Socionic Portraits

Klimenchenko N.V.

Tina Karol. Life Scene

An analysis of the socionic type of singer Tina Karol shows that she belongs to the type of ethical-sensory extrovert.
Keywords: socionic type, socionics, extraversion, ethics, sensory, rationality, personality psychology.