Management and Personnel:
psychology of management, socionics and sociology - journal issue 5-6/17

  • N 5‑6 (173‑174)

  • May - June

  • 2017


New Technologies

Ovcharov A.A.

Socio-psychological techniques: personality centered approach

The problem of personality-oriented approaches in the development of socio-psychological technologies and using them in social practice is analyzed. The main methodological principles applied are: structural, functional typology. In the context of neo-Jungian paradigm it is investigated the connection the features of structural and functional model of the individual psyche with its social setting to a specific field of activity. It is considered the interdependence of a single personality type with its inherent style of thinking, a form of behavior, a social role, a learning profiles and professional orientation.
Keywords: structural, functional, typology, sphere of activity, social attitude, style of thinking, social role, learning profile.

Socionics and Management

Bukalov A.V., Karpenko O.B.

Methods of practical socionics in the effective management and HR consulting

it is detailed description of the concepts and methods of socionics, particular personality types. The application of practical methods of socionics in the selection of personnel, management, consulting is considered.
Keywords: management, human resources, socionics, formation teams, consulting.

Informational Structure of Society

Ant V.N.

The laws of society development and the problem of the values integration

The role of sociological socionics in the discovery of the laws of socium development is shown. The main value groups of sociotypes and socionic technologies of constructive resolution of the conflict of values and civilizations in the sphere of state management are described.
Keywords: social typology, typological analysis, sociological socionics, socion, qualitative and quantitative analysis, socionics of large groups, integral sociotype, value groups, utopian deformation and terrorism, type of civilization, socionic technologies of values integration, social management.

Tumolska V.A.

Methods of linguistic analysis for determining the integral types. Part 2.

In the second part of the series devoted to the use of linguistic analysis in the identification of ITIM, are explored the emotional concepts in Russian, English and German.
Keywords: socionics, A-model, ethics of emotions, integral type of information metabolism, language, linguistics, concept.

Socionics Methods

Tsypin P.E.

Relations within quadra

Detail, using the information model of the psyche, there are described the intertype relationships within quadra.
Keywords: socionics, type of informational metabolism, A-model, intertype relationships, quadra.

Socionic Portraits

Klimenchenko N.V.

The faces and masks of Sharon Stone

An analysis of the socionic type of film actress Sharon Stone shows that she belongs to the type of sensory-logical extravert.
Keywords: socionic type, socionics, extraversion, logic, sensory, irrationality, personality psychology.


Popov V.P.

Progress. What is it?

The concept of progress is considered in the light of the formation of a strategy for the survival of mankind.
Keywords: progress, civilization, biosphere, evolution, economy, consumption, management.