Management and Personnel:
psychology of management, socionics and sociology
- journal issue 11/14

  • N 11 (143)

  • November

  • 2014


Management Tools

Roznov D.Yu.

Socionics and effective management by Adizes

Typology of business processes and management, developed and described by Ichak Adizes, completely coincides with the socionic understanding of mental functions and their directions in practice, in real life. Therefore, knowledge of socionics makes it possible to clarify the Adizes theory, as well as other theories of business processes.
Keywords: business processes, management, administration, entrepreneurship, integration, socionics, intuition, sensing, logic, ethics.

New Technologies

Jelali V.I.

On the beginning of innovative development of person and society

The concept of innovation is described and considered. There are formulated the conditions for effective innovation.
Keywords: innovation, development, economy, innovation process.

Informational Structure of Society

Ovcharov A.A.

Passionarity as a factor of society consolidation

The phenomenon of passionation and its psychological influence on public consolidation is considered. The display at different level of passionation is analyzed. The typology of personality with different levels of passionation is considered. Dependence of passionative tension on social-psychological factors is explored. The presence of the crisis consisting of Ukrainian society in relation to passionative activity in different public spheres is established.
Keywords: passionation, passionative tension, passionative induction, passioners, subpassioners.

Popov V.P., Krainjuchenko I.V.

Space-time web of links

There are considered energy, material and information links that exist in nature, society, biological and ecological systems. There are analyzed their variety and compatibility with each other.
Keywords: systems, information communication, energy interaction, communication, economic system.

Intertype relationships

Bukalov A.V.

Descriptions of intertype relationships

The descriptions of the intertype relationships with the examples and analysis of interactions on the A-model are given.
Keywords: socionics, intertype relationships, type of information metabolism, A-model, function of information metabolism.

Socionic Methods

Tumolskaja V.A.

Parameter of situation

Features of definition of parametre "situation" in the speech of typeable are described. Typical errors which meet at allocation of the given parametre are considered.
Keywords: socionics, typing, informational aspect, dimension of mental function, parameters of the functions of information metabolism.

Problems of Education

Vasil'chenko V.V.

Socionics in the service of the young teachers

The article focuses on the experiences application of socionics in high school. There are considered regulatory legal acts, supporting the possibility of using socionics in educational establishments, and personal experience of using socionics in school.
Keywords: socionics, type of informational metabolism, strengths, weaknesses, typing, education.


Stukas V.A.

On the character of the human civilization

This article is concerning to attempt to survey character of socion of the basic races from position of Jung dichotomies sensorics/intuition and ethics/logic and also to trace historical dynamics of socion of Caucasian races.
Keywords: race, Jung dichotomies, socion, components of socion, self-actualization, sociotype, a historical epoch, historical dynamics of socion, the natural information, life and consciousness.