Management and Personnel:
psychology of management, socionics and sociology
- journal issue 4/11

  • N 4 (100)

  • April

  • 2011


New Technologies

Tsypin P.Ye.

Socionics in motivation of the personnel

The methods of motivation of the personnel are described. The analysis of motivation of each of 16 socionic types is carried out. The examples of reports of people of different types about own motivation are given.
Key words: motivation, socionics, personality type, motivator.

Management Tools

Pshenishnjuk I.A.

Intrastore advertising and information

The ways and the methods of intrastore advertising are described. Its role in informing of customers and in increase of sales is shown.
Key words: advertising, marketing, trade.

Personality Psychology

Prokofieva T.N., Prokofiev V.G., Shifrina N.M.

Why with me all time so?

In article it is considered the socionical method of the permission of the conflict situation mentioning the client vulnerable function. The variants of behavior in similar situations are offered with support on the Model A.
Key words: socionical type, Model A, diagonal imperative, suggestive function, vulnerable function, base function, creative function, observing function, relational ethics, experiential sensing, volitional sensing, structural logic, temporal intuition.

Socionic Methods

Pedan T.P.

Process of dualization

There are described the features of information-power interactions of duality partners and the reasons of complication of relations.
Key words: dualization, selfdualization, mental and vital blocks, steps and semisteps, potential and kinetic energy, blades-blocks.

Shlaina V.M.

The reasons of distortion of personality type

The social reasons, distorting the natural displays of type of informative metabolism, are described. The understanding of these reasons allows with high enough authenticity to determine the type of personality, using diagnostics of preferences.
Key words: socionics, psychology, type of personality, social masks, psychical adaptation, diagnostics of psychological type.

Litvinenko I.Yu.

Analysis of Kettell's questionnaire

It is analysed a rather widespread psycho-diagnostic method - Kettell's questionnaire. The methodological faults of the method, substantially reducing its diagnostic effect, are shown.
Key words: psychodiagnostics, psychology, methodology, socionics, Jung-Reinin treats, type of information metabolism (TIM).

Socionic Practical Training

Eglit I.M., Piatnitsky V.V.

The method of an expert estimation in Socionics

The method of an expert estimation in the appendix to the process of determination of type of informational metabolism in socionics is considered, the components of expert work are described, and the criteria of quality for the estimation tool, for the estimated information, for the comparison standard are formulated.
Key words: expert estimation, method of expert estimation, standard of comparison, object of examination, subject of examination, type of informational metabolism, identification, socionics.

Informational Structure of Society

Popov V.P., Krajnjuchenko I.V.

What threats the humanity from the speeding up development

The phenomenon of biosphere and humanity socium speeding up development is investigated. The law of hyperbolic acceleration predicts the decline of competitive economics and transmission on regulative contacts not only with representatives of human society, but also with biosphere.
Key words: biosphere, society, development.