Management and Personnel:
psychology of management, socionics and sociology
- journal issue 7/10

  • N 7 (91)

  • July

  • 2010


Management Tools

Jashkina N.V.

Sources of the modern approach to administrative systems

The history of formation of modern management methods and forms of the administrative account is considered.
Key words: management, system of administrative account, administrative decisions, service sphere.

Informational Structure of Society

Ovcharov A.A.

Psychological factors of information selectivity

Socionics enables to describe the mechanism of information selectivity of individual mentality. The typological model allows differentiating and allocating at the certain person the psychological functions, different with various degree of sensitivity to components of an information flow. The most sensitive functions of psyche - basic and additional - play the leading part in selection, processing and producting of information. The understanding of the psychological mechanism of information selectivity also is perspective in the field of development of social-psychological technologies.
Key words: type of personality, management, socionics, psychical function, information, social-psychological technologies.

Career Guidance

Shifrina N.M.

Professional orientation and psychological mood in stimuli-groups

The article is devoted to the questions of application of stimuli-groups in the practice of personnel management. It is considered how to motivate the pleasant candidate to accept the offer on the work, what character of external motivation to use for workings employees, and what features of formation of working commands on the basis of stimuli-groups. The article can be interesting to HR-managers and heads of departments.
Key words: stimuli-groups, motivation, prestige, well-being, uniqueness, personal interest, intertype relationships, temporal working groups.

Personality Psychology

Shlaina V.M.

Tolerance to uncertainty as the factor of stability to stress

The processes of adaptation to stressful events in the conditions of market economy are considered. It is shown that tolerance to uncertainty allows the person to react adequately in new conditions and promotes disclosing of potential of the person.
Key words: management, stress, adaptation, development psychology.

Socionic Methods

Eglit I.M.

Signs of psychical functions

History of problem, theoretical preconditions, features of demonstration and practical supervision of displays of signs on mental functions in model A are considered. Results of researches are illustrated by real examples from practice of identification of TIM (typing)). Recommendations to experts on use of effects of signs of mental functions for verification of TIM's model are resulted.
Key words: model of TIM, mental function, signs of mental functions, concepts of signs of mental functions, aspects of an information flow.

Neboryakina V.

Roles of types in the Socion

In the article different interpretations of role of type of information metabolism in groups are compared, each of which internally, apparently, is consistent. In the uniform theory they were not reduced till now. Comparison of different models has allowed the author to establish their partial incompatibility or insufficiency of substantiation.
Key words: socionics, type of information metabolism, quadra, roles in quadras, ring of social order.

Tsypin P.E.

Specialisation of informational channels

Functional specialisation of information channels of model A is described: "analytical", "soaking up", "sample" and "manipulative".
Key words: socionics, psychology, an information metabolism, information channels.

Prokofiev V.G.

Is complete diagnostics of TIM always needed?

The article is addressed to experts-professionals from the spheres of activity, related to work with people, not connected directly with socionics, and wishing to apply socionic methods in practice of the work. The approach to adaptation difficult and laborious socionic methods to concrete spheres of activity is given.
Key words: socionics, type of information metabolism, professional, work with people, practical application, teaching methods, socionic dichotomies, tetratomies, Reinin dimension.


Donchenko Ye.A.

Fractal of society

The fractal structure of society and its possible variants are considered. The connection of stability of society with the matrix of its values and senses is described.
Key words: societal psyche, structure of society, socionics.