Management and Personnel:
psychology of management, socionics and sociology
- journal issue 6/10

  • N 6 (90)

  • June

  • 2010


Management Tools

Popov V.P., Krajnjuchenko I.V.

Prepare sledge in the summer

Crises are inevitable in a market economy. To expect them and to be to them ready, it is necessary for firms to have safety factor, to create reserves of resources and to be able to predict the future.
Key words: economic crisis, profit, enterprise, strategic development, reserves of resources.

Jashkina N.V.

Informational providing of administrative activity

The problems of the informational providing of work of leaders and managers of all levels are considered. The questions of effective informative communication into an enterprise, and also with partners and clients are especially important.
Key words: information, management, communication, information technologies.

Informational Structure of Society

Bukalov A.V.

Information mechanisms of social development: what have not considered Charles Marks and Fridrih Engels?

It is shown that the integrated psycho-informational structure of a society defines its features and character of evolution. It denies the known Marxist thesis about a defining role of economic basis and a supporting role of cultural "superstructure". On examples of history of many countries it is shown, how the society structure causes specificity of its political and social life.
Key words: socionics, ethnopsychology, integral type, information model of society, state structure, interethnic relations, history.

Career Guidance

Ovcharov A.A.

Selection of managers on their strong functions

The methods of socionics allow to offer the optimum set of types of personality for the managers of different directions in the organization: the creative manager, the manager of the project, marketing the manager-expert in marketing, the HR -manager, the manager in production, advertising, sales, service etc.
Key words: socionics, type of personality, strong psychical function, function of informational metabolism, management.

Socionic Practical Training

Demidova T.V.

Preparation of performances and presentations taking into account the strong and weak sides of the type of information metabolism

Knowing the TIM, namely strong and weak functions of the TIM in A-model, it is easier to us to operate with this or that information and initially "to play on the home field". We can beforehand think over defense of the weak sides, to plan strategy of performances and presentations, switching of accents of attention in direction, more favorable to us.
Key words: socionics, type of information metabolism, A-model, strong and weak functions, EGO, SUPEREGO, SUPERID, ID, mental ring, vital ring.

Socionic Methods

Yermak V.D.

Complications of authentication of TIM's with distortions

Some distortions of type of informational metabolism (TIM) are examined as one of pre-conditions of erroneous identication of TIM.
Key words: type of informational metabolism, identication, verification, semitype.

Tsypin P.E.

Algorithm of typing

The different methods of determination of socionic type are described. The analysis of dignities and lacks of every method is conducted.
Key words: socionics, typing, TIM, test, diagnostics.

Eglit I.M., Eremeeva N.G., Tenetilov G.V., Floman N.N.

On possibility of TIM falsification at verbal typing by typed person

There are described the results of experiment, conducted the group of socionists, workings on a site "School of system socionics", which set before itself the problem to check up possibility of falsification of the psychical functions dimensions by typed person and introduction in an error of expert at verbal typing.
Key words: socionics, TIM models, communicative models, "masks", identification, typing.


Donchenko Ye.A.

Psychofractals. Distressful experience of societies

From a position of the theory of psychofractals the structure of a social field of people and ethnos, its characteristic archetypes, mechanisms of influence of people on actions of authority is considered.
Key words: socionics, social field, mentality of ethnos, psychofractal, stress, distress, spirit of people.