Management and Personnel:
psychology of management, socionics and sociology
- journal issue 9/08

  • N 9 (69)

  • September

  • 2008


New Technologies

Akimov D.I.

Political, state, territorial and social marketing: problems of formation and development

The specific of the political, state, territorial and social marketing is described. The problems of the use of different forms of marketing in social sphere are considered.
Key words: marketing, management, state administration.

Informational Structure of Society

Popov V.P., Krajnjuchenko I.V.

Determinism of historical development. Psychohistory

The mechanism of historical development of society is considered. A number of laws, which managed of social and political processes, is allocated by social and political processes. Some types of political leaders are described.
Key words: history, management, social processes, political processes, management, society.

Socionics Methods

Stukas V.A.

Bases of socionics. Course of lectures

It is offered the generalization of theoretical heritage of classic socionics, which developed in a vein of a paradigm created by Aushra Augustinavichute, the foundress of socionics. It is attempt of popularization of new socionic model T (by V.L.Talanov). The paper is addressed to psychologists, managers, teachers, sociologists, political scientists and other specialists.
Key words: psychology, socionics, information model of psyche, forecasting of interpersonal relations.

Shulman G.A.

Sixteen Sixteenths

Sources of Aushra Augustinavichiute's Socionics, primary concepts of the informational metabolism typology, structure of psyche of the socionic types, its components, elements of relationship typology, psychological portraits of the types, and rules of survival.
Key words: Socionics, personality psychology, psychological types, psyche functions, psyche structure, informational flow aspects, extroversion, introversion, rationality (judgment), irrationality (perception), thinking (logic), feeling (ethic), sensation, intuition, structure of the psyche according to Jung's model, intertype relationships, structure of intertype relationships, psyche informational model.

Reinin G.R.

Knowledge and Information

The notions of 'world picture', 'information' and 'knowledge' are considered. Information seen in the context of a certain world picture reveals itself as a knowledge formed in the process of choosing from an infinite number of variants. The view of the theory of information from the standpoint of human perception can, in the final result, be more fruitful as opposed to the view of man from position of computer associations.
Key words: psychology of perception, information, knowledge, spiritual traditions.

Psychological Practical Training

Tikhonov A.P.

Several Peculiarities of Negotiating

Practical advices are given on negotiating in various situations. Issues of preparing to negotiations and behavior according to different negotiation strategies are considered. Methods of taking over initiative and redirecting talks to necessary course are proposed. Practical examples are demonstrated
Key words: negotiations, psychology, consulting, strategy and tactic of negotiating