Management and Personnel:
psychology of management, socionics and sociology
- journal issue 12/05

  • N 12 (36)

  • December

  • 2005


New Technologies

Bukalov A.V., Karpenko O.B.

Types of Intelligence

The existing IQ determinants are oriented, firstly, towards measuring of the logical component of human intelligence. From the point of view of socionics (the theory of informational structure of psyche) it should be also necessary to evaluate the intuitive, sensor and emotional components of the entire intelligence responsible for human existence and activity, too. It would be most correct to define 16 IQ types.
Key words: socionics, personality types, types of intelligence, intelligence quotient (IQ), logical intelligence, sensor intelligence, intuitive intelligence, emotional intelligence.

Career Guidance

Zainulin V.S.

Organization of Work of Career Guidance of Pupils in Secondary Schools

The article presents practical advices on performing career guidance consulting of school pupils. The emphasis is made on warning teenagers and their parents about the danger of choosing occupations not suitable to their inborn traits, possibilities and other conditions.
Key words: career guidance, occupation choice, personal traits.

Applied Socionics

Gulenko V.V.

Interviewing as a Method of Socionical Diagnostics

Methodology of detecting one's informational metabolism type by testing is thoroughly considered.
Key words: socionics, psychology, testing, interviewing method, logic (thinking), ethic (feeling), sensing, intuition, diagnostics.

Meged' V.V.

Advices on Psychological Troubleshooting

The article contains advices on correction of problems peculiar to each of the socionic types with regard to their weak traits and underdeveloped psychical functions.
Key words: socionics, psychological type, psychological troubleshooting.

Psychological practical training

Pelekhaty M.M.

Psychogeography, or Do We Sit on Good Chairs?

The article describes peculiarities of people interaction during business negotiations, on trainings, and in business communication depending on their location and situation in space, and contains practical advices.
Key words: management, communication process, location in space, business negotiations.

Socionic Methods

Gut M.M.

Psychological Content of Simple Qualities of Intertype Relationships

The author proposes his variant of a describing of the intertype relations with the simple characters. It takes into consideration a fact that the simple characters are generated by interaction between the correspondent A-model's blocks of the partners TIMs. It has been shown that the meaning of the simple characters of the intertype relations follows from psychological content of an interaction of the social roles of the corresponding A-model blocks in TIMs of partners.
Key words: socionics, intertype relations, interaction, mutual aid, understanding, direction, conflict.

Gulenko V.V.

Structural and Functional Socionics

The article represents brief overview of the socioanalysis, describes criteria of the socionic types, includes tests for determining of the personality types and their descriptions. Several socionic small groups are described. Practical application of socionics in various spheres (including management) is considered.
Key words: socionics, personality type, small group.

Nebykova S.I.

Quadral Roles

The article considers personality types as fulfillers of certain roles in socionic quadras (4-type groups): "Leader", "Bodyguard", "Joker" and "Feeler".
Key words: socionics, functional role, information metabolism type.

Bulkin I.A.

A Character of Some Small Socion Groups

The laws of interactions in small groups such as diade and quadra are considered using periodical system of socion.
Key words: socionics, psychology, small groups, periodical system of socion, quadra.

Litvinenko I.Yu.

Values: a Phenomenon and Its Aspectal Structure

A phenomenon of values has been regarded in the light of informational flow aspects. This aspectal structure definitely reveals relation of the phenomenon of value with motives, necessities and their satisfaction.
Key words: psychology, value, necessity, motive, motivation, socionics, informational flow aspect, quadral values.

Problems of Education

Lukovskaya L.N.

Socialization and Education as Creative Transfer of Social Experience and Cultural Traditions.

The research considers processes of child socialization, their components and sub-processes to include education, training and enlightenment as transfer of cultural heritage, which stimulate development of children's creative capabilities.
Key words: educational psychology, pedagogy, education, creation.