Management and Personnel:
psychology of management, socionics and sociology
- journal issue 7/04

  • N 7 (19)

  • July

  • 2004


Career Guidance

Tikhonov A.P., Kolodiy L.N.

Personnel Profile Analysis: Peculiarities of Modern Approach

The article considers issues of peculiarities of performing profession profile analysis in personnel management. It contains a short survey of software products - modern automated systems used in personnel profile analysis.
Key words: psychology, personnel management, profession profile analysis, occupationally important features, automated system, computer diagnostics.

Shlaina V.M.

Occupational Development Resources

The article considers issues of modeling of occupational career and possibilities of optimal utilization of individual's potential in his occupational activities.
Key words: management, occupational career, personal potential, akmeology.

Management Tools

Ovcharov A.A.

Personality Types and Management

The management styles in production and their connection with personal types are considered. A "management grid" is proposed consisting of four management types. These types are the socials, the production workers, the humanitarians and the scientists.
Key words: socionics, personality type, psychology, management, preset types of activity, management style.

Socionics Methods

Aushra Augustinavichute

Human Dualistic Nature

It is a classic work outlining principles of socionics. It describes 16 types of informational metabolism (TIM) which form together the Socion. The latter represents generalization of C.G.Jung's psychological typology. Nature of erotic senses is researched. The work demonstrates that every TIM has its own complementary (dual) type, the best compatible partner in private life (family and friendship), at work and at rest, which protects by his strong traits the most vulnerable traits of his partner.
Key words: socionics, human type, dualism, complete supplement, compatibility, the Socion.

Gulenko V.V.

Binary Attributes of Intertype Relationships

Features of intertype relations are described in terms of the so-called relative or introverted socionics using binary Reinin's criteria. The recommendations for behavior of the partners, related by determined intertype relation are given, depending on what binary attributes this relation is described.
Key words: socionics, type, intertype relationships, binary attributes.

Socionics and Life

Filatova Ye.S.

Intertype Relationships in the Theory and in the Life

Intertype relations are considered in examples from real life. Possibility of emergence of conflicts in case of clash of interests by 1st and 2nd channels is shown. Importance of the "demandedness of the functions" in the process of communication was revealed.
Key words: socionics, personality types, intertype relationships.

Socionic Portraits

Yarosh K.

Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great: Psychological Parallel

The research paper though written a hundred years ago still preserves its beauty and actuality. Psychological language of the author is so clear that the two types look vividly embossed.
Key words: psychological portrait of personality, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, socionics.

Bukalov A.V., Karpenko O.B.

Comments to "Psychological Parallel" by K.Yarosh

The socionic analysis of psychological portraits allows considering informational metabolism types of two famous historical persons, ET (Ivan the Terrible) and FL (Peter the Great). Generic quadral presets and particularities are shown. Substantial differences in their self-manifestation and self-actualization peculiar to the types ET (EIE) и FL (SLE) are reviewed.
Key words: socionics, type of informational metabolism, Ivan Grozny, Peter the Great, ethical-intuitive extrovert, sensory-logical extrovert, quadra.

Socionic Dating

Simonov Yu., Nemirovsky A.

A Gallery of Female Portraits

We continue publishing a gallery of psychological portraits from Yu. Simonov and A.Nemirovsky's book recently published by Astrel Publishing House (Moscow). Each of the characteristics is made in certain chronological sequence: peculiarities of Her appearance and behavior during acquaintance, at Her workplace, in family and "in the bed", as well as recipes of parting with minimal losses...
Key words: socionic type, quadra, dating, marriage, occupational activities.