Management and Personnel:
psychology of management, socionics and sociology
- journal issue 6/04

  • N 6 (18)

  • June

  • 2004


Management Tools

Yanovsky A.M.

Managing a Corporate Enterprise Business

Trimetric structure of corporate enterprise management is considered together with three possible basic business strategies: those of growth, stabilization and survival.
Key words: management, management link, business strategy.

Legal Issues

Borshch Yu.G.

On the Problem of European and Eastern Understanding of Law

In the light of fiftieth anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Human Rights Declaration by UNO the essence of European, Western, Eastern and Asian understanding of fundamentals of law is analyzed from the viewpoint of socionics. Conclusion is made about non-expediency and uselessness of attempts to transform Russia into a state of legal democracy of European type. The whys and wherefores of failures of the European law in its confrontation with organized criminality are revealed.
Key words: socionics, European and Eastern law, democracy and organized criminality; integral national supertypes, rationality and irrationality; field (white) logic, subject (black) sensation.

Informational Structure of Society

Bukalov A.V.

A New Model of Ethnic Community and State: Psycho-Informational Space of Ethnic Community

A new psycho-informational stratified model of ethnic community and state (a generalized socionic model) is suggested on the basis of the theory of psycho-informational state. Effectiveness of the model usage for an analysis of today social-political processes, and, in particular, of inter-national relations, is shown on the example of the Russian and other ethnic communities.
Key words: integral socionics, ethnic community, psycho-informational space, informational model, Russia, Turkey, Germany, USA, Japan, social and political processes, international relations, criminality.

Career Guidance

Taldykin V.A.

Internal Direction of Development of Human Personality as a Factor of Vital Success

The nature of internal informational-psychological direction of human personality is considered. A hypothesis of structural organization and main principles of working of the functional informational level of consciousness responsible for formation of human personality is presented. The hypothesis has been formulated due to consequent application of the detailed method of structural and functional analysis and synthesis, which allows studying and modeling complicated multileveled systems, to include the human. Crucial influence of correct choice of future occupation made by young people on the process of their development as specialists is demonstrated. The article has been written in order to contribute to theoretical fundamentals currently available in the psychology, which determine regularities of human occupational and personal formation and development along the whole life.
Key words: internal informational-psychological direction of human personality, informational channel carrying capacity, attention beam, background energetic level of involuntary attention, informational selective capability, informational buffer of short-term memory, graphical representation of human cognition of the outer world.

Socionics Methods

Litvinenko I.Yu.

Motivation, Its Substantianl and Dynamical Parts

Aspects of human motivation manifested through psychical functions and socionic traits of personality types are considered.
Key words: motivation, type of informational metabolism, socionics, psychical functions, extroversion, introversion, logics, ethics, sensation.

Gulenko V.V.

Equi-Final Groups

The author provides distinction between central and peripheral, left and right, and social progress cycle-dependent types of informational metabolism. A description of particularities of social organization in view of the above groups is proposed.
Key words: socionics, type of informational metabolism, quadras, presets (attitudes), social progress cycles.

Applied Socionics

Tikhonov A.P., Gavrikova I.Yu.

A Short Course of Practical Socionics

Basic terms of Socionics, a theory of informational structure of human psyche, are considered in terms of the concept of psycho-informational technologies. Possibilities of practical application of Socionics in HR-work and in team building are described.
Key words: psycho-informational technologies, practical socionics, informational structure of psyche, sensation, intuition, socionic personality type, extroversion, introversion, logic, ethic, rationality, irrationality.

Meged'V.V., Ovcharov A.A.

Applied Socionics

Variants of informational metabolism types, forms of their intertype relationships and thinking styles, subtypes and psychoforms are considered.
Key words: socionics, informational metabolism types, subtypes, psycho-forms, intertype relationships.

Socionic Dating

Simonov Yu., Nemirovsky A.

A Gallery of Female Portraits

We continue publishing a gallery of psychological portraits from Yu.Simonov and A.Nemirovsky's book recently published by Astrel Publishing House (Moscow). Each of the characteristics is made in certain chronological sequence: peculiarities of Her appearance and behavior during acquaintance, at Her workplace, in family and "in the bed", as well as recipes of parting with minimal losses...
Key words: socionic type, quadra, dating, marriage, occupational activities.