Management and Personnel:
psychology of management, socionics and sociology
- journal issue 3/04

  • N 3 (15)

  • March

  • 2004


New Technologies

Bukalov A.V., Karpenko O.B., Chykyrysova G.V.

Pitfalls of Intertype Relationships

By real examples from the practice of the employees of the International Socionics Institute peculiarities of interaction in a workgroup consisting of representatives of different quadras are demonstrated. Influence of the relationships of social supervision and social order on the success of the whole workgroup is considered.
Key words: management, socionic technologies, socionics, people types, intertype relationships.

Berezhnaya N.V.

Socionics-based Personal Growth Trainings

In the form of a report the article describes results of socionics-based personal growth trainings under the motto In the Mirror of Socionics, performed in 2003 in Kamerton practical socionics club in Kiev, Ukraine ( Several conclusions and hypotheses on practical application of socionics for solution of various psychological tasks and further plans of development of applied socionics are also presented.
Key words: training, socionics, psychology, personality type, personal growth.

Management Tools

Yanovsky A.M.

Production Conference: a Way of Managing Enterprise Activities

Tasks of a production conference, rules of its conduction and most frequent mistakes are considered.
Key words: management, production conference, enterprise.

Legal Issues

Lytov D.A.

User’s Manual as a Source of Law

The article considers a trend of technical standards and specifications to turn into a new source of law.
Key words: court of arbitration, law, precedent, specification, standard.

Informational Structure of Society

Taratukhin S.A.

Identification and Analysis of the Integral Type of Informational Metabolism of the USA Military Counter-Intelligence

The analysis of the integral type of information metabolism of tha USA military counter-intelligence has shown that the last is possible to describe in terms of the socionic psycho-informational model of ethical-sensory introvert - RF - which is dual to the integral type of the American culture (PT).
Key words: socionics, integral type of information metabolism, military counter-intelligence, socionic type model, ethical-sensory introvert.

Socionic Methods

Aushra Augustinavichiute

Characteristic of Ethical-Intuitive Introtim

Detailed description of ethical-intuitive introtim (RI, EII), along with informational model of its psyche (Model A) is given.
Key words: socionics, informational model of psyche, the informational metabolism type, functions of informational metabolism, ego, super ego, id, super id.

Bukalov A.V.

Interaction between Humans and Technical Systems Viewed from Viewpoint of the Theory of Informational Metabolism

It is shown that interaction of man with complicated technical electronic systems can be adequately described within the socionic theory of informational metabolism developed by A.Augustinavichiute in 1968. There are 16 'operator-system' interaction modes described, and their features are presented. Creation of customizable friendly interface for computing equipment, robots and other electronic systems required for optimal interaction with different individuals bearers of types of informational metabolism (psychological types) is shown to be necessary. A necessity of using socionics for creation of artificial intelligence systems is demonstrated.
Key words: socionics, engineering psychology, technical systems, 'operator-system' problem, informational interaction modes, sociology, artificial intelligence.

Applied Socionics

Tikhonov A.P., Gavrikova I.Yu.

A Short Course of Practical Socionics

Basic terms of Socionics, a theory of informational structure of human psyche, are considered In terms of the concept of psycho-informational technologies. Possibilities of practical application of Socionics in HR-work and in team building are described.
Key words: psycho-informational technologies, practical socionics, informational structure of psyche, sensation, intuition, socionic personality type, extroversion, introversion, logic, ethic, rationality, irrationality.

Socionic Portraits

Gulenko V.V.

The Image of Russian Reformer

Peculiarities of the reformation epoch in Russia in the beginning of the 19th century are considered. Definition of socionic types of Paul the First, M.Speransky, Alexander the First and Nikolai the Second is given. Specifics of inter-relations between the second and third quadras is discussed, and a concept of pentade - an arrangement of four types around the central fifth - for the purpose of socionic modeling of the social environment, is given.
Key words: socionics, social crises, reforms, Russia, quadra, pentade.

Socionic Dating

Simonov Yu., Nemirovsky A.

A Gallery of Female Portraits

We continue publishing a gallery of psychological portraits from Yu. Simonov and A.Nemirovsky’s book recently published by Astrel Publishing House (Moscow). Each of the characteristics is made in certain chronological sequence: peculiarities of Her appearance and behavior during acquaintance, at Her workplace, in family and «in the bed», as well as recipes of parting with minimal losses...
Key words: socionic type, quadra, dating, marriage, occupational activities.