Management and Personnel:
psychology of management, socionics and sociology
- journal issue 10/03

  • N 10 (10)

  • October

  • 2003


New Technologies

Bukalov A.V., Karpenko O.B., Chikirisova G.V.

Forecasting Psychological, Business and Informational Compatibility in Space Flights, in Aviation and Aerospace Technologies

The article considers possibilities of application of new socionic psycho-informational technologies put to the test during the 10 years of application in the field of building crews for spaceships, selection of aviation crewmembers, and staff members of dispatcher services considering their psycho-informational and operational compatibility.
Key words: socionics, small groups, psychological compatibility, correction of behavior, space crew, aviation, dispatcher, operator.

Management Tools

Mironov V.V.

The Efficient Manager from the Socionic Viewpoint

Based on the results of researches of the Socionic Workgroup (St. Petersburg) analysis of the most essential binary dimensions in managerial activities is performed. A role of each binary dimension for solving practical tasks is considered.
Key words: socionics, informational metabolism type, Reinin traits, efficiency.

Socionic Methods

Gulenko V.V.

Mystery of the Fifth Dimension

The concept multidimentional psychological space is entered. The socionical type is defined(determined) as system of the instructions, on which the person supervises management of changes of the behavior.
Key words: socionics, socionical type of the person, measurement of mentality, identification as.

Tikhonov A.P., Lapina I.V.

Certain Observations on Socionics and Hiking

Results of research of the dynamics of intertype relations in small groups of sportsmen working in mountainous conditions are shown, and factors that influence on such relations aggravation are mentioned.
Key words: hiking, socionics, type of informational metabolism (TIM), intertype relations (IR).

Litvinenko I.Yu.

Activity and Motivation in the Socionical Consideration

There were considered typological motivational settings up or the motivational systems of the types of informational metabolism which belong to the socionical clubs "managers", "humanitarian", "socials" and "scientists". Were regarded the correspondence between different components of the man's activity and a structure of his type.
Key words: socionics, activity, motivation, type of informational metabolism, group club, Ego, SuperEgo, SuperId, Id.

Augustinavichiute A.

A Theory of Intertype Relationships

This is one of the classical works in socionics. The author proposed a theory of relationships between the information metabolism types. Detailed description of all the 14 kinds of the intertype relationships is given.
Key words: socionics, Jung's model, Ego, Superego, Id, Superid, psychological types, information metabolism types, intertype relationships.

Churyumov S.I.

Informational Metabolism Type of a Higher Education Institution

It is demonstrated that the informational metabolism type of a higher education institution is logical-sensory extrovert (PS, ESTJ).
Key words: socionics, higher education institution, education, extroverted logic, introverted sensation, integral type.

Roslankina Ju.V., Eglit I.M., Piatnitskiy V.V.

Some Experiences in Social Rehabilitation of Senior Years Students

Practical activities related to socionics methods implementation for students of senior classes' social rehabilitation and adaptation are described. It is also shown, that students, if split in compatibility groups - quadras, are stimulated to more complete personal abilities development, with simultaneous correction of their personal characteristics, behaviour and social contacts.
Key words: socionics, IM type, pupils, social rehabilitation, adaptation, psycho-correction.

Socionic Portraits

Bukalov A.V., Karpenko O.B., Chykyrysova G.V.

Typical Expressions of the Personal Type RF (ESI)

Typical expressions of the personal type RF (ESI) are given on the base of research data of International Socionics Institute.
Key words: socionics, type of personality, motivation, speech set.

Socionic Dating

Simonov Yu., Nemirovsky A.

A Gallery of Female Portraits

We continue publishing a gallery of psychological portraits from Yu. Simonov and A.Nemirovsky's book recently published by Astrel Publishing House (Moscow). Each characteristics is made in certain chronological sequence: peculiarities of Her appearance and behavior during acquaintance, at Her workplace, in family and "in the bed", as well as recipes of parting with minimal losses...
Key words: socionic type, quadra, dating, marriage, occupational activities.