Management and Personnel:
psychology of management, socionics and sociology

The periodical is dedicated to new management technologies – including personnel management – facilitating scientific forecast of behavior and working habits of an individual, team or society as a whole, allowing to determine persons’ compatibility in business – and thus to organize teams of like-minded associates based on natural psychological, informational, ideological, and business compatibility.

Subject Scope:

  • Effective enterprise management for different types of businesses;
  • Formation of highly efficient teams of co-workers;
  • Providing for enterprise information security;
  • Staff recruitment and personnel management;
  • Business management;
  • Ability to understand partners and to conduct business talks;
  • Evaluation of business and human compatibility;
  • Ability to foresee competitors’ actions;
  • Effective marketing;
  • Career-guidance and career-appropriateness;
  • Analysis (from a new standpoint) of current political, economic and socio-historical news and events.

Target Audience: managers, business owners, psychologists, HR personnel, sociologist, social workers, teachers and students – everyone who’s involved – or will be involved – in PR and/or HR.


Journal is registered by egistered by Ministry of Press and Information of Ukraine 6/19/2002 Registration Number 6250, series KB


Editorial Board:

  • Dr.A.V.Bukalov, Editor-in-Chief, (Kiev);
  • Dr.I.A.Borodin (Moskow);
  • Dr.G.K.Bukalov (Kostroma);
  • Dr.S.I.Churyumov (Kiev);
  • Dr.G.V.Chykyrysova (Kiev);
  • Dr.E.A.Donchenko (Kiev);
  • Dr.A.M.Eljashevich (Saint Petersburg);
  • Dr.V.V.Gulenko (Kiev);
  • Dr.D.A.Ivanov (Kiev);
  • Dr.O.B.Karpenko, (deputy of editor-in-chief), (Kiev);
  • Dr.L.F.Marakhovsky (Kiev);
  • Dr.A.A.Ovcharov (Kiev);
  • Dr.Yu.I.Saenko (Kiev);
  • Dr.A.P.Tikhonov (Dnepropetrovsk).


International Institute of Socionics
a/s 23, Kiev-206, 02206, Ukraine
(+38044) 558-09-35